If Your Belongings Go To Storage
When the move out date and the move in date don’t line up with the potential delivery date, storage might be the answer. You can store your goods in a van line warehouse or a self storage unit, according to what your company policy allows.

Things to consider if you’re storing your belongings
  • Who’s paying? Your Planes Counselor will review your company’s policy with you regarding storage time and costs.
    • Storage cost (in a van line warehouse) is based on:
      • Weight of the shipment
      • 1 time warehouse handling fee (labor to unload, inventory, and palletize shipment)
      • Daily charges while in storage
      • Delivery out of storage (local crew will service)
  • How long can my goods be stored?
    • Discuss with your Planes Counselor to see what your company policy covers.
  • Coverage while in storage.
  • Storage areas are not air conditioned; do not store heat sensitive items.
  • There is an extra charge to access your goods if stored in a van line warehouse so plan accordingly.
  • Notify your Planes Counselor 2 weeks in advance of requested delivery out of storage.
Preparing for your goods to be stored
  • Appliances must be clean; any moisture or dried on foods may cause mold, which would not be covered under the transit policy.
  • Nothing perishable can be stored – including plants.
  • Do not store jewelry, personal/original documents, records that you may need during the storage period (tax, medical, school records).