Moving Reminders Checklist
Six to Eight Weeks Before Moving Day

Working with Planes, United Van Lines:
  • Contact your Planes, United Van Lines move counselor by phone or by email.
  • Plan to spend 20 to 40 minutes during the Initial Call with your Planes move counselor. This important call will enable your counselor to understand the size and scope of your move, and to identify services that will be required.
  • Following completion of the Initial Call, your Planes counselor will contact a United Van Lines partner agent in your area to arrange for a visual survey of your home’s contents.
  • Show the local agent everything that is going to be moved. The local representative is acting on behalf of Planes as “our eyes only.”
  • The local representative is not responsible for or familiar with your corporate policies. Please contact your Planes move counselor with any questions about your move.
  • A few days after completion of the visual survey, your Planes counselor will contact you to review the survey results and to discuss a timetable for your move.
  • Refer to your corporate moving policy to determine the services that Planes will be authorized to perform.
  • Contact your Planes counselor with any and all questions regarding the move process.
  • Your Planes counselor, not the local moving company representative, is your main point of contact and your single source of information about your move, including scheduling dates and services.
    • Keep your Planes counselor’s contact information handy throughout the move process.
    • Name: _____________________________________
    • Phone: ____________________________________
    • Email: _____________________________________
  • Discuss liability coverage with your Planes counselor and determine a total value of your shipment at least 72 hours prior to load day.
  • Start a file for all your moving paperwork.

Notes / Reminders / Questions: